Aircon Troubleshooting What You Should Know

If you are a resident in Singapore, Aircon may be the most important electronic device in your home. Without the proper air conditioner, you can generate a lot of humidity and heat in your home, making it almost impossible for you to live a normal life. If you have any aircon questions then you want to get up and running as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are some Aircon troubleshooting tips that can help you solve this problem. For your reference or help, I will share with you the following Aircon troubleshooting tips.Image result for Aircon Servicing

CHECK CIRCUIT BREAKER: Multiple circuit breakers may be the cause of non-working Aircon. If your Aircon does not have access to electricity, then it will not work. Although this is a simple matter, all people should check their air conditioner troubleshooting but they did not check it. They actually ignored this because they saw that electricity was working throughout the house and that they were also on Aircon. When there is any problem with your Aircon, or if you notice that the problems is the airconĀ  not working at all, you can check the circuit breaker 1st. If you trip the MCB or circuit, you can try turning it on and you can check if it is working properly. In some cases, considering you do not have an MCB, you may cause this problem because the fuse is blown. If this is the case then you need to replace the fuse to get it up and running. Therefore, the next time you start Aircon troubleshooting, be sure to start by checking the circuit breaker

Check the power supply voltage: In some cases, your circuit breaker may be no problem, but there may be problems. When your Aircon unit is powered up, but the evaporator fan does not run smoothly, it may be a voltage problem. If you have any voltage problems in your home then your Aircon may not work. In this case, you should try to adjust your voltage before proceeding with Aircon troubleshooting. In order to regulate or manage the voltage, you can rely on a voltage regulator that is supplied only for Aircon. Of course, if you do not, then you need to ask a technician or an electrician to install it for you. You can also assume that you can do the installation yourself, but this is impractical, so it is recommended that you contact your electrician to install the voltage regulator.

Check the safety device: In many cases, your air conditioner may not work due to some safety issues. If you have any security concerns with Aircon, you will not be able to run it unless you solve these problems. In most cases, this will not work for you if your oil safety switch is off. To get it working first you need to solve the problem and then you need to open it to make it work. In addition, this can be a problem if you have any type of open compressor or condenser coil. In this case, it is impossible. In order to solve this problem, it is a wise idea that you employ experts and experienced people to do this. You can also try to do the same thing yourself, but you may not get any good results that could end up hurting more. Therefore, it is advisable to talk with an expert in this Aircon troubleshooting situation and assist you with the problem.

Coolant loss: If you notice that your Aircon is working continuously but still does not cool properly, it may be a problem with coolant loss. If you do not have coolant, it will also affect your cooling effect. To troubleshoot this issue, you can check your compressor or Aircon for any unusual smells. If you notice the weird smell of gas then this will be a clear sign that you are releasing the coolant. In this case, calling an expert is the only advice I will give you. In addition, you should also check whether the coolant is reduced in a natural way. If you have not been refueling for a long time, then the coolant may also drop, you may not do anything. In this case, this can only be done by an expert because you may not have enough tools or equipment to safely solve the problem.

Home air leaks: If there is no proper seal in the room, the cold air may be discharged outdoors or it may not be properly cooled. In order to avoid this problem, you should keep the seal is a wise idea. If you perform Aircon troubleshooting and you notice everything is working, you have the right coolant, your Aircon is blowing cool air, and your room is still warm, you should pay attention to the room seal. If you have any air leaked from the window or door, then my stuff you south. The good thing is that you can control this problem by various means. If the leakage is not large, then you can use tape to close the gap, you can also try other methods. If you have an open window then you can close it. If you notice that you have broken or blocked the window then you need to call the specialist. No matter under what circumstances or Aircon troubleshooting time, you can easily solve the problem by taking the right approach to solve the problem. So, during Aircon troubleshooting, you can keep it up.

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